Beginner 3 Day Krav Maga Crash Course

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30 Hours of Krav Maga over 3 days!

Want to learn to protect yourself?

Want to fast track Krav Maga learning?

Want to challenge yourself physically?

Want to achieve a Krav Maga rank?

Too busy for regular weekly classes?

Want to get fit but learn a life skill too?

This course is a fantastic self Defence course created for beginners who are busy executives and shift workers that cannot commit to regular weekly classes due to busy schedules.

The course teaches you the basic strikes in Krav Maga and principles of Krav Maga as well as teaches you techniques to avoid, de-escalate, prevent and defend basic attacks in the street. It is a great introduction to the Krav Maga system.

The course is designed for you to achieve the same self defence skills and knowledge you would in a normal 12-week term of Krav Maga with the added physical challenges of 30 hours of training. The course will be both mentally and physically challenging but very rewarding too. You will experience an accelerated level of learning with all the techniques, drills and fighting skills for the P1 level which is the first level in the Krav Maga ranking system.

The course is taken personally by our Head Instructor, Krav Maga Expert and VIP Protection Instructor Donovan Ryan so you get the highest level of Krav Maga training in Hong Kong.

Please also be rest assured that this course is designed for total beginners so no experience is necessary.


Only available to beginners


COST IS $5,000 (EARLY PRICE OF $4,000 if you pay 1 month before start)


Course Includes:

  • Practitioner Level grading

  • Practitioner Level Certificate

  • Practitioner Patch

  • KMG Passport

  • KMG Training Shirt

* By purchasing the course, you are agreeing to all our terms and conditions stipulated in our terms and conditions

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