Grading System

Our priority is Self Defence first and gradings secondary. In a grading we simply test whether the student can solve the specific problems (attacks) for that specific level. 

Gradings are a means of measuring a students progress and level of skills after a consistent duration of training and comittment. Gradings require students to display a broad range of Self Defence skills including striking, technique, sparring, grappling and the ability to handle stress.

Our system is split into colored belts depending on the students level, skills and time training. Students start as beginners with no belts and after completing and mastering the first level are awarded a yellow belt. The 7 belts in the ISD system are yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown and black belt. It takes roughly 10 years of consistent training to achieve a Black Belt in ISD Self Defence/Krav Maga.

The belts system are explained below: