OLD_Anti Bullying & Self Defence

Our kids program focuses on 3 key areas, anti bullying, self defence and being a better person:



Focusing on awareness, avoidance, prevention and defending against bully attacks. We will always teach preventing, de-escalation and avoidance techniques first, however we do teach Krav Maga defences against physical attacks by bullies.

After 1 year of training, your child should have the courage and confidence to stand up to bullies while having the skills to neutralize an attack from a bully and ensure the bully cannot continue more attacks.

We live in the real world where some young children are taking their own lives due to being bullied. The goal of our techniques are always personal safety of one self and others. Sometimes verbal de-escalation does not work and this is why having the tools to protect yourself is so important.



When it comes to attacks from adults we teach correct prevention behavior, running away from danger, calling for help, self defence by surprising attacker attacker and running away. Defending against adult attacks require more aggressive techniques and we teach children to do a suprise strike to the groin, eyes, throat and nose of an adult attacker, then escape to safety.



  • Fitness
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Helping parents
  • Bullying is bad
  • Helping people being bullied
  • Fun
  • and more