I had the pleasure of training and coaching Donovan in various Martial Arts over 4 years in Australia. I was also involved with Donovan via Personal Training at The Melbourne Training Company. Donovan’s passion and dedication to fitness and Martial Arts is something that cannot be rivaled within the fitness industry.

Donovan is an achiever! He trained in Taekwondo, boxing, kickboxing, BJJ, Hapkido and MMA at the Martial Arts Training Company in Melbourne and in June 2010 received his Black Belt in Taekwondo (recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation). He also received various certificates in other Martial Arts Disciplines as well as achieved a level 6 (senior practitioner) boxing qualification, which enables him to compete, coach and instruct in boxing.

Donovan’s size, fitness and technique makes him a formidable opponent in any martial art, however his polite, respectful, friendly and enthusiastic nature made him an ideal student who was also well respected and liked at the Martial Arts Training Company. He trained extremely hard and always pushed himself out of his comfort zone. A true fitness machine! He was also great with the kids and assisted me with the instruction of kids Taekwondo classes on the weekend as well as assisted new members to the club.

Donovan’s combination of corporate, fitness and Martial Arts experience is a rare mix and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is keen to improve their fitness or health through personal training or anyone in interested in learning martial arts skills.

Besides knowing Donovan through Martial Arts and Personal training, I regard him as my good friend and an all round good bloke.


Jamie Marsh - Donovan's previous martial arts instructor

  • 6th Dan (Kukkiwon) Black Belt in Taekwondo  
  • Triple gold medalist at the 2006 Korean Open
  • Two-time Korean Open Self Defence champion
  • International/National and State Champion Taekwondo
  • 2nd Dan Black Belt Hapkido
  • Kickboxing/Boxing Instructor
  • Self Defence Specialist
  • Krav Maga Instructor
  • Head Instructor - Martial Arts Training Company Melbourne


I enrolled in Krav Maga where Donovan was my instructor. Being a beginner myself I found Donovan to be a fantastic instructor who has the ability to adapt to instructing a class of people that have different levels of abilities. He is passionate, dedicated and driven to see you succeed at self defence. He pushes you to get the best out of yourself and takes pride in seeing the progression throughout each term. I would certainly recommend Krav Maga and Donovan to anyone looking at a self defence class no matter what level of ability you are at.

Darryl - NZ Student

"This was a great way to learn Krav Maga in a supportive and non intimidating atmosphere. It was a real physical and mental challenge, but worth it for the practical skills and sense of accomplishment I gained at the end. I travel solo often, so this was exactly what I was looking for to stay safe and feel confident. From a female point-of-view, I can’t recommend it enough".

Kim - Participant at Beginner Krav Maga course April 2016


"It was a total challenge but very rewarding to participate in a 3-day Krav Maga course in Hong Kong, especially for those busy participants who are unable to attend a long 12 weeks course. Participants could just focus and concentrate on Krav Maga over the 3 days. The instructor is very experienced and one of the top instructors in Hong Kong who is so demanding but also caring. The course is significantly challenging over the 3 days. I love it and I will continue this type of hell training. I must warn the beginners that you walk in the studio intact on the first day but you will walk out feeling very sore.

Stephen - 66 years old, Retired from Hong Kong Police after 35 years service and regular course participant'


With my move to Hong Kong in September 2015 I was looking for an inspiring Krav Maga Instructor in order to go ahead with my intensive and demanding training which I had in Europe before. Luckily Donovan and I came together and found out that we have the same understanding of a high level training within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. His very long track record in Krav Maga and his charming character were definitely part of the reasons why I have chosen him for group training but also for 1:1 lessons. He is giving me the right tools for every situation I have to cope with - and of course he is pushing me to reach my goals in a very sustainable way. Beside his Krav Maga knowledge I really appreciate that he has an impressive business track record too. With this combination he is able to transfer the classical street situations into the boardroom where the daily fights are. What I really like is that he gives also a lot of recommendations about healthy living as an add on. And he understood well that as a guy in Sales it is sometimes not so easy to stay on the healthy track ...

To sum it up - I highly recommend Donovan as an Instructor for Krav Maga. And beside hard training there is always some time for an inspiring talk and a lot of humor

Andreas - Senior Student and regular at crash courses, workshops and training